First Day Inclusive Access

Wayne State University First Day Inclusive Access

A Course Material Access and Affordability Initiative

The First Day Inclusive Access course material program is the result of Wayne State University, Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, and Publishers nationwide working together to provide students early access to required course material securely through Canvas. 

Courses Participating In First Day Delivery Offer:

  • Early Access to Your Required Materials:  First Day provides access to your required materials digitally through Canvas on or before the first day of class.    
  • Market Value Price Guarantee:  The U.S. Department of Education requires Inclusive Access programs such as First Day, to provide digital materials at market value price or lower.  The Department of Education defines market value as the price the publisher would sell the exact item to a student directly from their website.  
  • Payment is Easy:  A First Day Inclusive Access material charge (FDIA) will be placed on your WSU student account and will be reflected on your semester tuition ebill.
  • The Choice to Participate:  You have the option to opt out of the First Day program reversing the FDIA charge on your account.
    • Opting out is easy.  Click on the course material link on the left-hand side of your course in Canvas > click on "want to opt-out" > select a reason from the list > click submit. 
    • You must opt-out before the deadline to receive a credit for the FDIA charge.    
    • Upon opting out, a credit will post to your WSU student account within two business days. 
    • The FDIA credit will be applied to your WSU Student Account and disbursed per WSU Bursar policies.

How Do I Access My Course Materials?

Publishers deliver course material in different ways through Canvas depending on the type of course material your instructor requires.  Click on the "Course Material" link on the left-hand side of Canvas to view the required material information.

  • eBook - click on course material > click on the "Read Now" button.
  • Access Code - click on course material > click on "Reveal Access Code" > copy the code revealed to your clipboard > click on the publisher link on the left side of canvas or any link found in the modules or assignment sections > paste the code to launch your access.
  • Publisher Direct - when you click on the course material link, you will only see course material information and the "want to opt-out button".  This is because your material is delivered through the modules and assignments.  The book or access code work is embedded in links by your instructor.

To see a demonstration of the student experience accessing course material, click here: First Day Student Experience 

First Day Opt-Out:

All students, regardless of opt-out status, will have access to the eText or eText+courseware access until the opt-out deadline.  

Opt-Out Deadline: 

  • August 30th start date = September 20th, 2022
  • October 24th start date = November 7th, 2022

The day after the opt-out deadline, or shortly after, students who have opted-out will lose access to the eText or eText+courseware through the First Day Program.

Students can opt-out and back in to the First Day program as many times as they would like until the opt-out date.

Students who opt-out will be required to source their required course materials independently from either the campus bookstore, publisher, or their preferred textbook vendor before the opt-out date.

If you fail to opt-out before the deadline, you will be responsible for paying the First Day Inclusive Access charges as the access from the publisher is final sale at this point.  

What If I Drop The Course: 

  • If you drop or withdraw from a course before the opt-out date, a credit will post to your student account within two business days.
  • If you elect to drop or withdraw from a First Day course after the opt-out deadline, you will be responsible for paying the First Day Inclusive Access charges as the access from the publisher is final sale at this point.  

How Do I Know If I Am Enrolled In A First Day Course?

To find out if you are enrolled in a First Day course follow these steps. Sign into Academica > Student Resources > Financial Records > Inclusive Access Details.  First Day courses and the FDIA material price are shown here.  

Who Decides What Courses Participate In First Day Delivery?

The decision to use First Day delivery is made by your instructor, course coordinator, or the academic department.

Want To Learn More About The Program?

  • To learn more about the First Day course material program, please see the First Day FAQ page on Barnes & Noble College Booksellers customer care site  
  • You can also learn more about data use and accessibility statements from participating publishers by locating their privacy policy and accessibility statements on their website. 

Still Have Questions?  No Problem.

Send an email or open a Microsoft TEAMS chat to

**Course and course section participation is subject to change without notice. The instructor may update the course material at any time. First Day Inclusive Access pricing is also subject to change without notice due to updates made by either the publisher or changes to material selection.**